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Ravens communicate with each other as well as, if not better than other animals?


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Cool beans!

Harvard has developed a starfish/worm mimicking robot that moves without any “hard” materials. 

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It’s the “icicle” of doom!!!

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Fitness War!

We mentioned the “war” that happens as each side continually “upgrades” against the other. 

The classic example being the poisonous frog and the snake. 

Though the problem of resistant strains of bacteria, etc. in hospitals is near ancient news – it seems that people are finally listening to how serious this problem actually is: 

As many EU companies are sharing information with each other to find a new antibiotic solution to these pesky resistant strains:



Don’t you guys think it’d be easier to try to extract a sort of natural solution to this problem? 


Also, for all the coffee lovers out there: this studies says that having a lot of coffee everyday may actually be good for you: 




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More Tobacco Madness


News flash, smoking is bad. Please Stop. 

Was also told by a lab-mate that people are getting offered a one time payment of hard cash if they quit and “stay quit” 

hmm… wouldn’t that be nice. 

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New This Week!

“Pristine” Gas Clouds of helium and hydrogen. This article claims that their discovery this week further supports the big bang theory. I’d love to see input from others.


Disregarding the obnoxious comments that claim “unlimited organ availability” — this article shows a clinical trial run at artificial organs, mainly, the heart.


On the religious side of things: the reported good spirits from going to church may actually be more to do with friendships there than the faith:



And in other exciting news, ran into a Art Therapist yesterday.
Apparently, Arcadia University is one of the few places where one can get a degree to diagnose patients psychological health and well being through the artwork that they produce!!

I’m sure that sounds plain and ordinary, but it was really cool!!

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Related to our project – kind of…

The government is seeking to place graphic images on the cigarette packages!


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